Not just about the Veg!

Hi and thanks for popping by to this neat little part of the interweb where I shall ramble about saving money munching on what I like to think is tasty food.

A little about me (this is always this tricky bit) I would like to think I am normal, forty something, wife mother of adults who loves cooking. I haven’t eaten meat for 15 years but occasionally have a piece of fish.


That’s me!

Food to me is happiness. There is something wonderful about breaking bread with family or friends. Feeding our basic needs as humans, you sit, you eat you chat. Eating together is communing with each other. I can think of nothing better.

I am not here stand on the soap box and preach to you about the glorious benefits of eating meat free, nor am I going to entertain the notion of giving up cheese and dairy (personally I might have a bit of a cheese problem… I loves it !).

What I hope to do is to share, good, simple, flavorsome recipes that a budget healthy.

I also predict that I shall be chatting Jams and chutneys by the end of the year.

I am partial to a bit of preserving!

These were just a few of the wedding favors I made for our celebrations in January this year, foraged blackberry and apple jellies.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my posts, do leave a comment was a pleasure to have you visiting!

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