Minimal Spend March

In order to be successful and realistic about our aims here at the Frugal Veggie, the first month of writing and cooking will be the focus on a minimal spend March. To this point we have lived well on a household budget of £200 per month, this includes pet food, veterinary costs and household purchases like washing up liquid and laundry detergents.

Looking at the numbers in black and white, that really doesn’t seem that excessive for a household of 16 legs, two humans, two cats and one obnoxiously cute basset hound called Angus. Or does it?

Breaking down that spending has been tricky, however

Pet foods and sundries including cat litter £42.50 per month.

Most months there are no other expenses for the furry ones taken from the house hold pot, we do pay for vet plans and insurance but these are deducted from the bills account as standing costs not part of our spending pot.

Dearest husband also informs me that our car has been fuelled by the household pot for the last 6 months (I hadn’t noticed). We only use it at weekends £20 has apparently been the average spend.

So our £200 per month budget soon looks like this


£68.75 per person per month

By my maths that is £2.22 per day each! Lordy we will eat well.

Looking at the numbers this way I do think our budget is quite generous. I had a plan in my head to feed us both well for £20 per week, this minimal spend March will let us see if that is truly possible.

The hope is that we will be more considered consumers and if I am correct can operate on twenty quid a week or less we will begin by saving ourselves at least £7.5 a week in through March that is almost £40.

The rules by which we will eat well during out Minimal spend March,

1. All receipts will be kept, our spending will be recorded.
2. All spending will be considered and planned.
3. I have done a stock take in the kitchen .
4. We will use our freezer, love our left overs and have them for lunches.
5. Where possible I will be breaking down the cost of our meals, so we can really count the pennies.
6. Meal planning will be attempted, I love a list but sometimes struggle to stick to it so the plans will have inbuilt flexibility.
7. We will not be compromising on the quality of life, sharing food with friends and socialising if important to us, I must confess I am a bit of a feeder and love cooking for friends however the budget will not be increased to account for the dinner parties.
8. Alcohol is not part of our budget.

Sobering thought eh? Lets just see what we save!


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