Sunday Sumary



Four days into our minimal spend month and at least half of our grocery shop has been purchased. In a change to the norm in our household, husband and I switched from the comfort of a Morrison’s home delivery to brave the aisles of our local Lidl.

Financially this had its benefits, a quick comparison with last months receipt and we have cut over £15 off our usual spend. Granted this is in a small part due to the lack of choice when it came to vegetarian frozen fare, I am trying to see this as a small blessing as it will encourage me further to cook from scratch and to be more creative in the kitchen.

On the cash front our food budget for March is £80

A stock up shop at the local lidl £34.19

Remaining for the month £45.81

Four days in and with a cupboard full of food this seems more than achievable.

Goals for the week to come….

I am attempting my first ever no spend week! I wonder how this will go.
(The only item I plan to buy is milk, like all good Brits I need my cup of tea)

Meal plans have been written that account for our working patterns so fingers crossed we can stick to them.

Sunday -(tonight) Spaghetti with Veggie Sausage balls
Monday– Vegetable stew
Tuesday– Mushroom noodles
Wednesday– Leek and Butterbean Crumble
Thursday– Veggie Lasagna with wedges
Friday– Curry night
Saturday– Lentil Shepherds Pie
Sunday – Veggie Roast

Most of our meals are cooked with inbuilt left overs that become lunches but in addition to these meals I will also be batch cooking a leek and potato soup for freezer lunch options.

Thank you for reading, have you ever tried a no spend week… do you have any tips?

4 thoughts on “Sunday Sumary

    1. So far so good…. however I have remembered it’s mother’s day on Sunday after a slight panic I have given myself permission to spend on others (well just mum). Thanks for popping by xx


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