Quick Sausage Spaghetti


Inspired by fellow Blogger Mikey of “Mikey and the kitchen” on Sunday just past I hit the stove top to make a new frugal dinner for the husband and I.

Anyone wanting to pinch the pennies in the UK can not have missed the fact that most Supermarkets sell packs of budget dried spaghetti for about 23p (or in the case of Lidl 20p). One pack makes at least 3 meals for us with leftovers including that is about 8 servings on that basis this recipe used 5 pence worth of pasta!

Mikey’s recipe had caught my attention I have linked it below I hope! I must confess not being a fan of fennel I needed to modify it. Here is what I used

2 servings of spaghetti 5p
1 medium onion 6p (just happens to be a red one)
4 mushrooms 17p
1 tin of chopped tomatoes 29p
2 Linda McCartney rosemary and red onion sausages (defrosted) 40p
Spray oil
1/2 tsp mixed herbs
1/2 tsp dried parsley
pinch salt
1/4 tsp garlic pepper
1/2 tsp yeast extract (marmite)
1/2 the tomato can of water (estimated cost of herbs etc 15p)

total estimated cost of this dinner for 2 –
£1.12 / 56p per serving

The method was simple

Chop the sausages into bite size pieces and place on a tray in the oven at gas 5
Chop the onion, spray a large frying pan with oil (I used olive oil spray)
Sweat off the onions (you need them to start going see through)
Add the mushrooms and the garlic pepper to the pan and fry for a further minute or so.
next add the tinned tomatoes to the pan along with the herbs and bring to the boil.

While this is happening boil the kettle-
Pop a large pan on ready for the spaghetti adding the kettle water and salt if you choose.

I used my tomato tin as a measure and adding half a tin of boiling water to the pan of sauce at this point I stirred in the marmite (yeast extract)

Pop the spaghetti on cook, reduce the temperature under the pans to an enthusiastic simmer.

After about 6 minutes the spaghetti should be almost ready, drain and add to the pan of simmering sauce, stir it in so the spaghetti can absorb some of the sauce and the flavors

I left the spaghetti in the sauce for a couple of minutes till almost all the liquid was absorbed
Then dished up and sprinkled over the sausage bites that had been in the oven for a total of about 20 mins.


Please excuse the less than brilliant photography!

Here is the link to the recipe post that inspired this plate full…. If you love fennel I am sure it will be right up your street!

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