Balance of wants and needs.

Becoming more frugal is a journey that the husband and I began last year. We were in the full throws of wedding planning, between us we saved the £4,000 for our special day in 6 months. So once we did the deed and became Mr & Mrs it made sense to look over our spending before curbed extravagance of our pasts crept back into our every day.

If only it was that simple. In October I changed jobs, my take home pay is now half what it was, time at home has doubled.

This forced us to think , to reassess, to prepare for tightening belts. Time at home and time to cook was the first big change, takeaway menus were recycled and we were saving £240. Looking at the cost per month makes me feel guilty at such wastage of money, in a year we would have spent in the region of £2,880 on Chinese food, Indian takeouts and pizza.

Frivolous spending is not a need, we don’t want to be living with it.

My lovely husband is very supportive, the maths spoke for its self and we binned the take out. He is a life long carnivore, often the takeaway would be his only meat fix. Still he has not grumbled as he is fed on lentils and beans.

I enjoy cooking for us and have been gradually reducing our food spending. Now we are at a point that I am confident I can invest some of my free time in feeding us frugally (we have eaten like kings for 2 weeks on £35).

Reading around the blogosphere many people have inspired me and educated me on our journey. Beans, lentils (love them, tasty and cheap) filling up on pasta, rice and potatoes, loaded plates of veg, porridge for breakfast , leftovers for lunch. Home cooking, real food, healthy food, cheap tasty, frugallicious food that has been our plan.

So when you find a plan that works

-lifes easy

-stick to the plan… … simple?

My darling husband is type 2 diabetic. He has been advised to loose weight, around 3 stone. So dutiful wife here thought we were eating healthily, husband was convinced .

We were wrong.

Husband returned from his annual diabetic review appointment with a fist full of leaflets and a hint of confusion and a smile.

“I should be able to come off the tablets in a year”

Great news!

“But we are not eating the right things”

Now this was a curve ball….. We are healthy aren’t we? Loads of vegetables, hardly any processed foods, minimal amounts of bread.
Well not if you are diabetic. I was handed the leaflets and darling husband retreated to the kitchen to make a cuppa.

High protein, low-carb ….. these are the words I am currently digesting. Wondering how we can shoe horn these needs into our want of a frugal life.

Like any life long change the diet remake will not happen overnight. It needs to be gradually introduced or my lovely Mr won’t stick to it (his idea) but it will mean a massive reduction in the staples of our current meal plans. Eventually we will say goodbye to white rice, bread and cake; pasta, potatoes, lentils and beans need to be used sparingly.

My plan is to read ….LOTS work out how to proceed.

All ideas are greatfully received.

12 thoughts on “Balance of wants and needs.

  1. We save enormous amounts of money from not buying takeout/takeaway food. We only get takeout a few times year and only actually sit down in a restaurant if family is visiting (1 or 2 times er year). We always think going out will be so great and often end up commenting how our homemade food actually tastes better.

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    1. We haven’t missed the takeaway at all and I have always preferred cooking for friends than eating out. There is something very special about sharing food that is home prepared, this is definitely something we will be doing more of frugally of course x

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    1. Cutting costs is all down to planning and being price savy…. I will be posting more on that in weeks to come as well as adding some more recipes. The diabetic thing is a pain but nothing that can’t be dealt with, sure we will work it out soon enough. Xx

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  2. Just been rereading a bit. So… you never mentioned cutting down on noodles? I have never really had much to do with noodles, and then we went to a couple of restos and had noodles and I thought – easy as and why am I paying this stupid price for a bit of veg and some noodles. Am now addicted (to the chili lol) and not spending. So – just a thought…

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    1. We never get take out noodles….. I have always been a fan of home made using the dried egg noodles as its sooooo quick (another high carb item) I have a couple of versions that I ll try to post in weeks to come xx

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  3. Brussels sprouts and broccoli give you a lot of bang for your buck in terms of veggies that are high in protein – we also enjoy spiralizing zucchini for replacing carby noodles – perhaps you can make homemade sauces in big batches and freeze so you can see what’s going into it vs buying store bought which would potentially have more sugar. I don’t have experience with diabetes but good luck with the new journey! Plant based protein powders might be a good investment as well to supplement protein intake?


    1. Thanks for the suggestions, we already use homemade sauces as apart from being cheaper and healthier they taste so much better! Broccoli and cauliflower are much used I am afraid that the humble sprout would cause a temper tantrum from the husband as he hates them with a passion xx

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  4. I’ve reduced my meat intake due to the high costs, and I can’t eat dairy due to an allergy, so I use Spark People’s website to enter in what I’m eating for the day and it easily monitors how much protein and carbs and calcium, etc. I’m getting in my diet. It is a bit of a pain to enter the information in, but I feel better knowing I’m on track for my nutrition.


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