Quick summary of last week… …with a few hick ups along the way.

Well the first week of food planning was a clear success. It was quite liberating not to ponder what could be rustled up quickly. I must say that meal plans are here to stay both to help with budgets and also to give me more time to do other things. One week in and its a definite win.

Perhaps the best days were Wednesday and Thursday, I don’t work on Wednesdays so I spent an hour in the kitchen cooking up a butterbean and leek crumble to eat that day as well as a veggie lasagne to come home to after a full shift on Thursday!

The crumble is a recipe I am currently perfecting, hopefully it will be the next to grace this blog.

I had planned a no spend week, this was not as successful as meal planning. To be fair it started well, I did not open my purse until Saturday (that was a full 5 and a half days). Saturday I buckled. Spends started with an essential purchase, a card and gift for my mother as it was Mothering Sunday. Then the husband had a call from friends, we went for a few drinks, the no spend went out the window.

I am not going to berate myself as there were real positives having time with friends. We laughed lots, we also talked about our budget the ideas behind the blog and what we are aiming for frugally. Responses varied from “you must be nuts” to genuine interest and positivity. As a group the eight of us will be getting together for a frugal dinner soon as all were keen to test drive some of my cooking on the cheap.

So on to the weeks meal plan, a little later than hoped for.

Monday – Chilli will sweet potato chips

Tuesday – veggie sausages, mash potato and beans

Wednesday – spicy bean stew.

Thursday – lasagne

Friday – curry night

Saturday – homemade patties with leftovers

Sunday – Roast.

Wishing you all a brilliant week, I hope this post comes out okay currently my laptop is being repaired so I am posting from my phone. Fingers crossed normal service resumes shortly

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