Mid way through Minimal spend March

Time is flying by, this Sunday summary finds me looking to the end of the month optimistic that we will be left with change from our £80 food budget.

We have had bumps on our journey, while making the roast dinner today I reached up for the gravy granules only to find that the tub was as good as empty. It would have been so easy to head to the corner shop grab a replacement at an inflated price but I resisted. Instead I whipped up a roux based sauce loaded with veg stock and marmite. Damn fine it was too.

I am not sure I’ll be buying gravy again.

So to how the pennies are stacking up….

We started March with £80

– 34.19 our first Lidl shop

We have spent a further

-7.90 on milk and Stilton

(more on the cheese in a future post)

Giving us £37.91 to complete the shopping for the last two weeks of the month.

We have change!

I tweaked our shopping list to begin carb cutting for dearest husband. So part of me expected to see the budget spiral. However, we cut a £5 off coupon from the lidl magazine that came through the door.

(We had to spend 35 to get the reduction (we needed cat food which is not in our food spend))

This brought the total down to £29.20.

{A second bonus came our way in the form of a club card voucher for tesco….. A massive+ £3.50!}

Heading to Tesco to grab the few bits that lidl didn’t have, parsnips being most important.

I was enticed by yellow reduced labels in the produce section and landed a couple of packs of asparagus for. 29p per pack the jewels of my haul. I felt almost jubilant when I loaded my basket onto the belt hearing the cashier ask for. 61 pence.

So taking all those purchases into account our months food budget has £8.10 remaining.

We have a fridge full of goodies and a larder that will more than last the month. I am tweaking the meal plan for next week so the reduced goodies get used quickly and will post that on Monday.

What would you do with two packs of asparagus?

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