Meal Planing Week Ending 25th March

Well another week another meal plan. It is amazing how quickly we have adjusted to planing and preparing meals ahead of time. The benefits of this extend way beyond budget control. The knowledge of what we will be eating and when seems to have given me a new found freedom to think about things other than food (who knew that was possible). Time appears to be in abundance particularly as I often find my self prepping for tomorrow while cooking for today. On days like Monday when I didn’t get home to almost 8 pm it was amazing to know I had a delicious dinner to enjoy and all that was needed was a quick warm in the oven. menu-3167859_1920

So with the new found confidence in our meal planning for dinners we have extended it for dearest husband and now together we have planned his breakfasts, lunches and evening meals for us both. I am often up and out to work by 6 am so breakfast for me is a boiled egg or perhaps some fruit and yogurt if I can muster the enthusiasm to eat. Many of the meals I cook have a built in third portion that I am eating for my lunch the next day. This save me the hassle of faffing too much.

What we are eating this week ……

  • Monday           Stilton and Mushroom Crumbed Baked with veg.
  • Tuesday           Butternut squash Curry, Dhal with brown rice
  • Wednesday     Mixed bean chili and potato wedges
  • Thursday         Lasagna
  • Friday               Stir fry
  • Saturday          Celery and Stilton Soup
  • Sunday             Roast


All quite straight forward Husband will have breakfast slices (glorified frittata) Monday to Thursday, fruit and yogurt on Friday and Saturday to start his days. On Sunday I don’t have to work till late so it will be Huveos Rahceros for breakfast. Lunch for my dearest Hubster is going to be salad bowls this week, I will prep them and vary them as the week progresses, we are positively reducing the carb intake now!

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