April A to Z Challenge! Theme Reveal

I am still quite new to blogging. The Frugal Veggie is still in it’s infancy but I am a blogger with ambition and being well aware that we need challenges to conquer I have signed up for the April A to Z! A post a day for the month of April with posts following the alphabet. 26 posts from a to z with Sundays off for contemplation. 


Choosing to do this will I hope help me as a blogger. I will learn a lot from the blogoshere simply by checking out other A to Z ers’ posts. Pushing my self to post pretty much daily should (in theory) make me a better blogger, assist me to build my confidence and hopefully take criticism and suggestions well.

Many challengers (I have been told) freestyle for the month simply guided by the letter of the day. Others, lots and lots of others have chosen a theme. 

I have opted for a theme ….

(Imagine a fanfare playing about now)


The A to Z of the Frugal Veggie !

I shall be following the alphabet throughout April on the theme of everything that is important to me as a frugal veggie, from the whys and the wherefores, to the how to and the hopes for the future.

I do hope that you hop over for a read and enjoy the ride. Wish me luck for the x, z and j posts I predict they might be tricky.



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