Cooking and a Cheeky Cauliflower Recipe


Cooking to me is a joy. There is no craft that is more enjoyable than the one which requires taking simple ingredients and turning them into a terrific, delicious dish to share with loved ones. We all need to eat and we should eat well!

Food is a true common denominator among people. No matter who you are or what you back ground we can’t escape it as a requirement so cooking for others is quite literally feeding a basic requirement. Feeding people well is a joy. When i think back over my favorite memories most are linked to food in some way, all are linked to cooking. The friends who visited my flat when I was in my early twenties armed with random ingredients that we turned into feasts, family celebrations- our first Christmas as a merged family when I cooked up 15 vegetable sides to make sure there was something that everyone loved. Dinners with friends the overriding flavors that were shared seem to concrete the joys of those moments into my memory. All thanks to cooking.

Frugality and cooking are intrinsically linked.

I walked round the supermarket some time ago, as I always do I peered into the reduced section to see if there were any bargains. Alas I was faced with very few options. Lurking at the back was a foil tray of “luxury roasted cauliflower” the packaging suggested it served two as a side dish . I estimated that it contained about half a small cauliflower if I was being generous. This one small package was reduced from £3 to £2.75. I dismissed it as being overpriced, but the idea was delicious. So I read the ingredients on the back and decided then and there to try my hand at my own version. I estimate that to prepare 4-5 side dish servings my frugal version costs about £1.20! It tastes delicious and is significantly cheaper.


Roasted Cauliflower…food-1474087_640

head of cauliflower
1-2 tablespoon olive oil
2-3 cloves of garlic
1 red chili (optional)
zest and juice of 1 lemon
salt and ground black pepper to taste.

Chop the cauliflower into equal (ish) pieces. I like mine to look like little trees but use the stalk as well don’t waste this yummy vegetable.

Use a garlic crusher or mince the cloves of garlic into a bowl.
Chop and add the chili if you are using it.

Add the lemon juice and zest along with the olive oil to the bowl and stir.

Add the cauliflower pieces to the mixture and run the oily deliciousness into the crevices of the vegetable.

At this point you have options
you can marinate the cauliflower in the fridge over night.
you can place it straight on a baking tray with foil and bang it in the oven
you can even stick it on a barbecue.

I normally marinade the mixture for an hour or so then tip the cauliflower onto a foil lined baking tray and cook in the oven for 30-45 mins at gas mark 5, seasoning generously with the salt and pepper

I use foil as it makes it easier to turn the cauli without breaking it.

When it is done it is delicious.

Cooking does not have to be complex, it can be cheap but joy of feeding friends and family well is priceless. I hope you have enjoyed the third post of my April A to Z blogging challenge. Please share you thought and do try the cauliflower recipe it is a favorite in our home. Husband likes it with chicken, personally I would eat it straight from the oven or as an additional to a roast dinner!


3 thoughts on “Cooking and a Cheeky Cauliflower Recipe

  1. I can’t image preparing 15 vegetable side dishes. That’s impressive. I agree that there are some great ways to cook frugally although I’m not always good at it myself. Your cauliflower dish sounds delicious. Weekends In Maine


    1. Thank you for your lovely comments, 15 vegetable dishes for Christmas is the norm in our home, we cater for 10 people two veggies and a vegan sit at the table so it’s a joy to share varieties of veggies! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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