Discount Dinners


8.45 am A challenge within a challenge!

Today’s post in the A to Z challenge is a post of discovery. As yet I do not know what I shall be writing about. I have made a decision that I will head to the supermarket with a single solitary pound in my pocket and buy discounted produce to turn into tonights meal.
The rules I have set my self are simple,
1. I cannot spend more than £1
2. My purchase must be reduced, discounted or on special offer.
3. What I purchase needs to make the bulk of the meal, store cupboard additions are permitted but at least 50% of the plate must be filled with what I buy.
4. Dinner must feed the husband and I with a portion to reheat for my lunch tomorrow.

12.30…. I arrived at the local Tesco, I wandered over to the fruit and veg reduced section and was not overly impressed it was filled with tubs of chopped onions 64p a tub, 2 foil trays of sweet potato chips reduced to £1.15 but still over budget and some sorry looking chopped fruit pots. I was slightly disheartened, however I was not defeated.

A kind looking young man was wielding a yellow sticker gun near the mushrooms and he had a trolley that he was adding to! He must have known what I was up to. The button mushrooms were coming down in price from £1 to 85p but they would not provide a sufficient amount for three meals. The kind Tesco chap smiled as I rooted through his trolley, bingo I made the discovery I needed.


Change in pocket and my solitary purchase stuffed into my handbag I began the walk home. Pondering what I could make, knowing my store cupboard I had planned a dhal based dinner for my D post, I considered roasting the veggies with Indian spices. Another favorite in the Frugal veggie home is lentil shepherds pie, the Swede (rutabaga), carrots and parsnips would make a great topping to this with paprika added to the mash. Today it is cold and wet in Weston super Mare, I have a cold and need some comfort food, I made a decision we will have stew and dumplings.

Dumplings are little clouds of happiness paired with a warming stew dinner tonight will I hope be a hug in a bowl.
Discount Dinner with Dumplings !
Ingredients (this might be edited as the stew cooks)
1 pack of reduced root vegetables
-Half a Swede (rutabaga) 3 Carrots 1 large parsnip and 1 medium onion
2 small lonely looking potatoes
2 sticks of celery
1 tin of Butter beans
1 stock cube
1 pint of boiling water
2 teaspoons whole grain mustard
1 teaspoon of dried Parsley
1 teaspoon of dried Thyme
1/2 teaspoon of Garlic Pepper.


peel and chop all the vegetables, put in a slow cooker
dissolve the stock cube in the water and stir in the whole grain mustard,
pour stock in with the other ingredients and cook till done.
Currently I have the slow cooker on High after an hour of cooking I will reduce and cook for a further 3 hours on low.
To make dumplings
If you have never tried to make your own dumplings please give it a go, I don’t mean buy a pack of dumpling mix and add water. Dumplings are simple… Just get yourself some Suet (obviously I buy the vegetarian variety) and flour and follow the instructions on the back of the box.


Our dumplings tonight will be tweaked slightly as I think I am going to add about 50g of mature cheddar cheese and a pinch of mustard powder!

I do hope you have enjoyed the unconventional approach to the letter D in today’s AtZ April challenge at the Frugal Veggie. I will be popping back later to add a picture of the finished dinner and tweaking the ingredients list as required.

19.00 Dinner is eaten, the husband enjoyed it so much he had seconds and asked for left overs for his lunch. All in all the discount dinner has provided 6 portions, both of our lunches for tomorrow and extras for the freezer!

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