Eggs – A to Z Challenge


The E post of the AtoZ challenge was one that I foolishly assumed would be easy. When I planned out the alphabet I simply wrote the word eggs in the margin and thinking I would share a recipe or two using one of my favourite ingredients, the humble egg.

When shopping now I have the luxury of choice, the freedom of conscience that allows me to afford to buy free range or organic as I wish. I cannot escape the memory of times that the choice of free range of my price range, or the knowledge that so many people still struggle to simply buy food on the limited income of survival.

As a society I feel that we need to consider those who live below the bread line, in Britain this is all too often the working poor. I was among their number for some time and appreciate the challenges that are faced. When you have to feed your family, for me it was myself and my teenage son on less than £10 most weeks, choosing the happiness of a chicken is simply outside of the budget.

The price of 6 free range eggs currently is     compared with “everyday value” eggs at

I am relieved that I no longer look into my food cupboard and see the blue and white of the budget range taking over my shelves. There was a time when I didn’t buy anything outside of the “budget”, “basic” options. Now I can afford to choose, but I am conscious that so many others cannot.

So to the humble egg and my reasons for including this ingredient on my journey through the alphabet. I buy free range, I wish I had chickens and they are part of the unltimate dream for the frugal veggie, yes I am sold on the romance of checking the coop each morning. We had ducks and chickens growing up there are amazing little creatures.

Eggs are a feature in all of my favourite things, cake, lemon meringue pie, quiche, the traditional cooked breakfast of choice. An egg soft boiled with buttered soldiers brings a smile to my face. Eggs can be a meal, egg and chips take me back to my childhood. Spinach and feta omelette with salad often features on our diner menu.

It is simple I love eggs!
Today I have not prepared a recipe to share but have decided to link to a  fellow bloggers recipe that I have tried in the last month! Which feature the amazing ingredient that is the egg.


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