Freezer food, fabulously frugal F!


There was a time when I thought of frozen food shelves loaded with convenience products would be the first things that sprang to mind, okay that and icecream. Frozen meals for one, ping dinners and cheap pies. None of which fitted with what I consider “right” for the frugal choices for our home.

Our freeze is a key aspect of our frugality.  Here are four reasons our freezer is fabulously frugal!

1. Left overs, many of the meals we cook are prepared with additional portions that we freeze in tubs and have for lunches or lazy meals on days when cooking doesn’t fit in the scheduled.

2. Frozen Vegetables. There are two drawers jam packed with various frozen veggies in our freezer. Cauliflower, peas, sweetcorn are staples, add to these frozen peppers which are great to add to chili or curry and shredded cabbage and spinach to name but a few.
Often frozen veg is dismissed as being less nutritious than their fresh counter parts, there have been numerous research papers that disprove this  concern. A friend of mine said she hated frozen veg as it is always watery. When it comes to frozen vegetables preparation still needs to be considered. Try not to boil the life out of the vegetable of choice, I prefer to microwave my vegetables of choice. Alternatively if I am using them in a bake I defrost the vegetables in a colander before I use them they seem to be firmer and tastier that way.

3. Stocking up at the frozen food shop, we have frequent flyers through with vouchers. Often there are offers on our choice purchases, for example 4 packs of vegetables for £3 is one of the latest.

4. Berries, one of life’s little luxuries. Frozen berries and budget friendly and fabulous breakfast defrosted over night with oats yogurt.


Thank you for taking the time to read to the end of my F post in the April A to Z challenge,
F I hope you have enjoyed the read. What are your frozen favorites?

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