Garlic…. G of the Frugal Veggie A to Z challenge




Garlic is one of those wonderful ingredients that can transform a dish. Garlic is universally loved in our home which is a fortunate.

To be honest I struggled for some time to chose my the topic of my G post, it was going to be grains. I was going to wax lyrical about rice, couscous and Bulgar wheat but grains do not feature as highly on the frugal veggie shopping list as garlic does.

Veggie Chili, Pasta sauces, roast potatoes all get the garlic treatment here. Finely chopped with chili and ginger garlic brings zing and to the satay noodles we make.

My Garlic Crusher is used most days, it is very similar to this one



Here are a couple of my garlic recipes of choice, both are simple but delicious. The recipes don’t have weights and measures as I tend to free style cooking these and adjust as needed as I go.

Garlic and lemon Courgette Spaghetti

Enough Spaghetti for two
1 medium sized courgette (zucchini) sliced finely
Lemon Zest and Juice
Olive oil (1-2 desert spoons)
Feta cheese (about a matchbox size piece per person)
3 cloves of garlic crushed
Generous amount of  chopped parsley
Salt and black pepper to taste.

Cook the spaghetti in boiling water.
Gently fry off the courgette in some the oil, try not to brown it
When the courgette is almost cooked add the crushed garlic cloves season generously.
Add the lemon, zest and parsley to the pan
Drain the pasta and stir into the garlicky courgette mixture and serve immediately topped with the crumbled feta cheese.


Garlic Mushrooms on Toast

250 g (ish) of mushrooms
3-4 cloves of Garlic
3 pellets of frozen spinach
Generous spoonful of butter

Brown toast -buttered
Poached eggs to serve

The trick to cooking the best Garlicky mushrooms is not to rush. Warm a pan and slowly melt the butter, do not let it burn. Add the mushrooms to the pan and cook them on a low heat sweating them down to keep their flavor – but don’t stir them too much. When they have begun to soften add the crushed garlic and continue to cook gently for a few more minutes.

It is at this point that the frozen spinach is added to the mix, I pop mine in the microwave to defrost slightly but that is a matter of choice.

Stir the spinach through the buttery, garlicky mushrooms when it has all combined and the spinach is cooked through, season well with plenty of black pepper and pop a generous helping onto some brown toast and top off with a soft poached egg!

Garlic is an essential in our frugal kitchen and the addition of this ingredient turns the simplest of ingredients into frugalicious feasts.

What is your favorite way to cook with garlic?

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