Herbs H of the April A to Z Challenge

Dried or fresh, herbs are a feature of most of the savory dishes that are served in the Frugal Veggie kitchen.

I am fortunate that just outside the back door I have pots and planters with Parsley, Mint, Rosemary, Thyme, Lemon Thyme and Chives. During the summer months I often nip out and snip off additions to the meals I am cooking. As the plants are all more than a few years old these fabulous flavor additions feature in our home for free.

Thyme is an amazing partner flavor to add to a mushroom dish.

Rosemary, paired with garlic is a delightful addition to simple roasted potatoes

Chives, snipped into scrambled eggs of sprinkled over a potato salad.

Mint with Peas, or added to a simple green summer soup….. All are delicious!

With my fresh herbs as additions to meals I am spoiled for recipes to share, so today I am going to keep it simple.

Herb Butters or Margarine


Butter or Margarine of Choice
Herb of Choice

Additional flavors. Chilli, Garlic, Black Pepper all can be considered.

(The next bit is the easy bit)

Let the butter/ margarine soften at room temperature
Finely chop the herbs of choice, I tend to chop lots if I estimate the quantities I  would think in table spoons it would be equal parts chopped herb to butter!
Don’t be shy with the flavors
Mix them into the butter with any additional seasoning you choose.


The Herbs in my garden are a frugal blessing, I recently read a lovely blog on “investing in a herb garden” and highly recommend a read of it


Thank you for popping by to the H of the A to Z at the Frugal Veggie, sorry for the brevity of this post, tomorrow I shall be posting my I – I promise there will be a delicious post to savor!



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