Kitchen the K of the Frugal Veggie A to Z challenge

When I walk into our kitchen in my heart I dream of a spacious airy room when family and friends gather and chat as I potter and stir the delicious dishes that I am going to serve up. Something like this

In reality our kitchen could probably be squeezed into the brick area of the picture above, at best that small area represents the floor space I stand in each time I cook. But despite the aspirations being a million miles from reality I still gain great pleasure from preparing food in what can only be described as a well furnished catering cupboard. So how do I do this?

Importantly for me I try to make sure that my kitchen is stocked with essential cooking equipment that I love to use. Buying tools to cook with is an investment. These are objects that are there to be loved, to help me cook with love. Buying cheaper utensils is a false investment that all to often need replacing before they have seen the year out.

Looking around my tiny cooking space these are the things that I have spent as much as I could afford… most of these objects have already given me 5 years plus service and all are good for years to come!

My kitchen must haves ….
Knives- and a sharpener, mine cost about £30 in the sale, cheap knives just don’t cut it!
Chopping board-  I have a rubber wood block this came from Tk Max and was reduced from £40 to £15
vegetable peelers – I have 2 types
Wooden spoons- Okay so these are real budget items from Ikea
Slotted metal spoon- Again Ikea special still going strong after 3 years
Garlic press – So old I don’t know where it came from or how much it was
Pestle and mortar- a gift from a dear friend, marble and loved
Stainless steel pans – another sale buy, reduced from £150 to £40 in a closing down sale
Colander- Ikea
Large heavy based frying pan- Again a bargain from the closing down sale

The things that get plugged in

Slow cooker- donated by a friend who wanted a red one! So FREE
Stick blender- Given to me by my Mum who didn’t use it! Again FREE
Microwave- the cheapest option from Asda, £40

When you have very little spare cash spending £30 or £40 on any kitchen equipment can be scary and even seem impossible. Sometimes we need to see essentials as investments in meals of our future. Having items you love to cook can make even the smallest spaces a joy to prepare food in.


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